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Recently, I was reading again the story in Matthew 8: 5-13 of Jesus’ encounter with the Centurion. You may remember that he came up to Jesus and told Him that his servant was paralysed and in great pain and Jesus said “I will come and heal him”. The centurion said “I am not worthy for […]

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This Christmas you may have many visitors, or none. You may be surrounded by family and friends, or you may be having to isolate, or be separated from those you love by circumstances, difficulties or practicalities. You may be in good health or poor. You may be rich or poor, surrounded by gifts, or there […]

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Yesterday we were looking at the wonderful truth that ‘receiving’ is at the heart of the gospel. We have also recently been considering the contrast between the tradition of Father Christmas, who brings gifts to ‘good children’, [although he does seem to turn a blind eye to a lot of bad stuff!] and our Heavenly […]

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