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Hi again, We are back from our break in Lincolnshire and back with WiFi so we will be publishing our blogs again morning by morning. We are praying that as we enter the last third of this year, looking at the power of ‘Thanksgiving’, that the Lord will highlight to us all that is on […]

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We have come away on holiday, to a lovely little cottage that we found at the last moment, and for which we are very thankful. We arrived to find that we do not have wi fi so we will not be able to publish any new blogs for a few days. Hopefully a little break […]

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In recent blogs we have been reflecting on the fact that God is a God of truth, that He always speaks the truth and that His words of truth are a sure foundation for our faith and life. More recently, in our post modern world however, we seem to be in an age that is […]

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