Why ‘Colours of the Rainbow’?

In the words of Keith Green “We are the colourful ones, we are God’s daughters and sons”; but for many of God’s people life is either black or white, full of dos and don’ts, or just grey and hard work. We want people to find the colourful abundant life Jesus promised in John’s Gospel chapter 10 verse 10.

We have a profound belief that just as it takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow so the colour in our life comes as we walk all the joys and pains of life with our Good Shepherd (Psalm 23) finding His loving-kindness towards us in every circumstance.

More than that Ezekiel in the first chapter of his book describes the appearance of the glory of the Lord was like a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day. The rainbow encourages us that we can experience the glory of the Lord on our rainy days.

Peter in his first letter describes the Grace of God as Poikilos ‘many sided’ ‘of various colours’ and Paul in Ephesians describes God’s wisdom as Polupoikilos – literally -‘marked with a great variety of colours’. We believe that an individual can only find real fullness of life by learning to recognise, receive and live in the abundance of this many coloured grace and wisdom of God in every aspect of their human life.

Under-girding this is the truth that the rainbow was set up by God after the flood as a sign of God’s covenant love towards mankind further demonstrated in the cross of Jesus opening the door to new life.
Completing the picture is the vision of John in Revelation telling us that there is a Rainbow round the throne of God. Our desire is that many may access the throne room of God and find Him and His grace to be all they need in any and every circumstance

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