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We wrote last time about giving the enemy a headache. Well of course we don’t know if that can actually be done, but we do know that we can give him a profound headache metaphorically and spiritually speaking. This is because the devil was totally defeated and disarmed at the cross, but since he is […]

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We know that Jesus specifically encourages us to ’do not worry’ with regard to our lives, food, clothing etc Matthew 6 vs 25, and He encourages us not to take those anxious thoughts on board, because as He explains in vs 32 we have a heavenly Father who cares for us. This is also recognition […]

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Dear Friends, It’s time to wish you a Happy New Year, even though this is a hard time for many people and life remains challenging and uncertain as we go into 2021. For us of course as Christians, it is not a matter of wishing but praying as in ‘The Blessing Song’ that has gone […]

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