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We hear and read alot in the media these days about the value of meditation and its value to human wellbeing. We also know that meditation is a biblical concept, and that Godly, biblical mediation is of great benefit to us, not only to our wellbeing and peace of mind, but also in our walk […]

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Reading Psalm 105 recently I felt it had something important to say to us about thanksgiving as we move on into the new year of 2022, and come near to the end of our 365 days of looking at the power of thanksgiving. It had to do with the value of keeping a journal, and […]

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Recently, I was reading again the story in Matthew 8: 5-13 of Jesus’ encounter with the Centurion. You may remember that he came up to Jesus and told Him that his servant was paralysed and in great pain and Jesus said “I will come and heal him”. The centurion said “I am not worthy for […]

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